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What kinds of injection moulds can be divided into according to the pouring system?

2019-04-19 09:54:06

We have used a lot of methods in the customized pouring of injection moulds. According to the type of casting system, the mould can be divided into three categories:

(1) Warm runner die: This die structure is the same as fine nozzle. The biggest difference is that the runner is located in one or more constant warm runner plates and hot joints, no cold data is removed from the die, and the runner and gate are directly on the product, so the runner does not need to be demoulded. This system, also known as anhydrous system, can save raw materials. It is suitable for the situation of high price of raw materials and high quality requirement of products. It is difficult to plan and process, and the cost of mould is high.

Warm runner system, also known as warm runner system, mainly consists of hot runner sleeve, warm runner plate and temperature control electric box. Our common warm runner system has two ways: single warm runner and multiple warm runners. Single-point hot runner is the direct injection of molten plastic into the cavity using a single hot runner sleeve. It is suitable for single-cavity single-gate plastic mold; multi-point hot gate is used to distribute melting data to each hot gate through the warm runner plate. The auxiliary heating runner sleeve enters the cavity again, which is suitable for single cavity, multi-point or multi-cavity dies.

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