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What steps should be taken to customize injection mould test

2019-04-19 09:55:04

In order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and mass production process, we really need patience to adjust and manipulate various process conditions, find out the best conditions of temperature and pressure, test the process of injection mold standards, establish the methods available in daily work. The first steps of customized injection mould test are as follows:

1. Check whether the plastic materials in the barrel are correct and bake as required.

2. Material pipes should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid bad gum or mixture entering the mould, because bad gum and mixture will block the mould. Check the temperature of material pipe and die to see if it is suitable for raw material.

3. Adjusting pressure and injection in order to produce satisfactory product appearance, but can not run flash, especially the cavity and some products are not completely frozen, should consider a variety of operating conditions, before adjustment, because the filling rate of the die changes a little, it will lead to tremendous changes.

4. It may take more than 30 minutes for the machine and die to be in a stable state, even for medium-sized machines. Use this moment to see what might be wrong with the final product.

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