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Discriminating the Quality of Injection Mold Customization

2019-04-19 09:53:07

First of all, it should be distinguished from information and planning.

The most important point of injection mold customization is information, so what kind of information is good? Of course, the hard disk is high, corrosion resistance is strong, and there is outstanding polishing function, the quality of the long-term use of the mold is good. The overall planning of the die, including ejector pin and coring; the planning of the door, parting surface, exhaust port, gate size and orientation are reasonable, and then see whether the injection mold is open and closed, and whether the product size is qualified.

Then we can see the process of the die:

To distinguish the quality of plastic mould technology, the first thing is whether the scale of injection products is qualified. Secondly, the appearance of the injection parts should be clean, and the appearance of the joints, sliders and cores should not be burred. If all the above can be done, then this set of mould is a qualified one.

Finally, the quality of die products can be distinguished as follows:

1. Stability and consistency of product scale, surface finish and data utilization.

2. Service life: On the premise of ensuring product quality, the number of working cycles that the die can complete or the number of parts produced. 3. Whether the use and protection of the mould is the most convenient, whether the demoulding is simple, whether the auxiliary production time is as short as possible, and whether the cost of continued protection, protection cycle, etc.

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