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How to Avoid Odor in Injection Molding

2019-04-19 09:53:24

Many injection moulding products will smell bad in the process of processing, and users will feel uncomfortable. So what if Ann avoids this situation in the process of injection?

1. Strictly control the use of additives

The tertiary amine catalyst used to produce polyurethane foam usually causes a very intense odor and moisture in the window of the car. We can find that instead of using polyols, the composition of polyols is not only polyurethane molecular chain, but also has the same catalytic activity. Some polyols can even replace half of the tertiary amine catalyst, so the smell of injection molding products has disappeared.

2. Use more pure resins

Many plastics, especially polyvinyl chloride, styrene, ethyl acetate, acrylate, and other residual trace monomers, produce odors. Few monomer residues can be used to constantly remove odors, and the best choice is odorless resin.

3. Pay attention to the application of adsorbents

If a small amount of zeolite is added to the polymer, the information odor can be removed. Zeolite crystals have many ambiguities that capture small molecules like gases.

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